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I always liked to try different things with the Notekillers. And one of them was to have simpatico musicians sit in with us on some of our more open songs & jams. This night we had both Daniel Carter (trumpet/sax) and Shoko Nagai (piano/keyboards) with video projections by Katherine Liberovskaya. It was a fun night—I promoted the show as "The Notekillers Unraveling Circus".

Video here was shot by the legendary Joly McFie, AKA Punkcast. There was, in fact, a bit of a miscommunication regarding song titles, though. Here is the corrected tunelist we played that night:

1) Braindance

2) Airport

3) Ricochet

4) Dreambook

5) Papers

6) Punk Song

7) The Zipper

8) Motorcycle Song