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Jade Screen Test Dreams of Renting Wings was a bit of a breakthrough piece. It was the largest ensemble I'd assembled in years and was the culmination of what I'd been going for in my electronic drone/live performer hybrid model.

Sadly, the official DAT master recording somehow disappeared before I'd even gotten to hear it and for years it was a bit of a mythical creature/holy grail for me & a few champions of the piece. However, recently a video recording of the piece—with an audio track—surfaced . I've done all I could to bring the quality level of the camera's audio recording up to acceptable levels. The result is a nice archival video souvenir with, hopefully, a fairly listenable soundtrack. 



Annemarie Weisner - violin

Tomas Ulrich - cello

Matt Sullivan - English horn

Elaine Kaplinsky - synthesizer

Steve Antonelli - guitar

Lance Goler - guitar

Rimas Remeza - guitar

Chad Henderson - guitar

Bill Ruyle - tomtom

Kevin Sparke - tomtom

Ulrich Krieger - tomtom/conductor

David First - guitar